Sunday, May 11, 2008

doing my best impression of a piece of wool cloth!

Yesterday was meant to be the day after which I could relax, leave stuff lying around my place, and start packing for the big move.

... however ... after a fair bit of interest there were no bidders and therefore no sale. After the auction, 4 parties wanted to be kept informed and still held interest knowing the reserve price. If they haven't expressed their interest (by way of an offer) by now, I reckon they have a plan A that may very well be auctioned next week, and I'm their plan B.

So now I'm on tenterhooks. Which leads me to ask, what is a tenter, and why does it have hooks? Well, a quick trip to Wikipedia and a cross reference to my Latin dictionary tells me that it's from the Latin tendere meaning 'to stretch'. A tenterhook dates back to the the textile industry, and refers to hooks attached to a frame on which woven woollen cloth was secured while it dried. As those of us who have washed a fluffy jumper in warm water know, wool shrinks, so a tenter (with attached hooks) was used to hold newly woven cloth in place while it dried.

Now I'm off to Mater's place for a Mother's Day brunch. Croissants & champagne all around! Today's task is to use a conjugation of the latin verb tendere in conversation ...

Thursday, May 1, 2008

security matters

I think I just moved into the high tech world! I logged on to my blog, using not a password, but a fingerprint!

My new laptop has cajoled me, ever so gently, into the current millennium, and all I have to do to log on is swipe a single finger. How amazing is technology?

In other news, my lovely neighbour, Lady Magpie, expressed just the right level of regret that I am selling my unit and moving. In her caring way, she passed on a recent article in the local rag, highlighting a robbery at a home that was open for inspection. Apparently someone inspected said property and unlocked a window. At a later time, they then accessed the house through that unlocked window, removing valuables.

When I arrived home after a lunchtime open for inspection today, I discovered that while closed, my back door was unlocked. I'm sure that it was an oversight by my agent, but it did activate me into a frenzy of checking in cupboards and drawers before I sat down with a well needed glass of wine.

I'm very pleased to say that you, my fancy new laptop, were still hiding in your secret place and nothing was touched.
Just as well, I would have been out tracking fingerprints faster than Sherlock Holmes!