Tuesday, July 17, 2007

If ... (by Rudyard Kipling, as adapted by me)

If ... I had followed my intuition and phoned my 9am meeting on Monday morning to postpone, I may have found out that she too wanted to postpone. However, I did what I thought was responsible and turned up, only to receive a phone call asking me to postpone!

If ... I had braved the crowds at Forest Hill when I was already there on Saturday morning, I would have found my favourite face cleanser on special at the new Myer, rather than when I arrived home and saw the junk mail and thought about when I would next brave the parking

If ... only I could concentrate on predicting salary movement in the Australian employment market (with skills shortages, uncertainty about employment law etc)

If ... my work laptop computer would connect through my home broadband connection, I could be productive at home

If ... I had washed the dishes in the sink, they wouldn't still be there, taunting me for my lack of domestic discipline

If ... I 'chilled out' like I was told to do on Friday, maybe I wouldn't keep asking myself 'if...'

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delamare said...

If ... you want to be cheered up, remember that we're going out to see a movie tonight! (PS 9am meetings on Mondays should be banned.)