Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Happy 99th Birthday to 'the Don'

Today would have been Sir Donald George Bradman's 99th birthday, had he survived beyond 25th February 2001.

As previously mentioned, I have a passion for cricket, specifically test cricket. I think it was born at age 10, when my father gave me his boyhood copy of Sir Donald Bradman, a 1960's biography in the Red Lion Lives series. Having already shown a love of balls and bats over dolls and dress ups, Dad saw an opportunity to share his love of sport in his tomboy daughter.

During the Australian tour to the West Indies in 1975, Dad and I would listen to the ABC transistor radio in the morning over breakfast, and I began my love affair with a daily newsaper as I kept track of all scores in my cricket tour magazine (which this bower bird still has). Therafter, the annual ABC cricket magazine and ABC cricket yearbook were 'must have's. I did toy with the channel nine version one year, but it just wasn't the same. ABC test cricket coverage is compulsory listening. I do miss Tim Lane, but Glenn Mitchell is improving.

By the way, do you know that the ABC has the same post box address in each capital city in Australia?

Q: What is it & why?


A: PO Box 9994 - this is Don Bradman's test batting average - 99.94

Well, happy birthday to the great man, wherever you are. I hope you admire the dedication and commitment of the current crop of custodians of the baggy green cap. I also hope you see the recent progression in their sportsmanship, but never a reduction in their intensity.

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