Sunday, October 28, 2007

Just taking it slow

Yes, I have been out of action for a while - lots of work, limited spare time and in my spare time I've been reading cooking magazines: my very own 'gastro-porn'. A big thanks to Delicious for the relaxation, enjoyment and inspiration.

Having logged on a caught up with outstanding emails, look what I found?

Well, actually my big sister found this, but that led me into my own world of Bobby Sherman wonder on YouTube. I've not trawled YouTube previously, so it was a new and exciting place. I discovered the theme song to Here Come The Brides a song aka Seattle, as well as Bobby Sherman TV commercials, fan sites ... it was enjoyable and unexpected! (btw, did you know Bobby is a grandfather again?)

I also discovered the opening theme of my late 1970's favourite show - Family. My BM, Roogirl and I found a shared love for this show.

Hey, just be thankful I didn't post the link to the Partridge Family theme song!!!

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