Monday, May 7, 2007

if it's Sunday this must be ...

I continue to be amazed at just how big the world is, while it continues to prove how small it is becoming (forgive me, I'm a Libran)

Recently I travelled to London at the behest (and cost) of the great corporate master. It was a wonderful opportunity to contribute to a (possibly) significant project, meet some notable names, and while the travel is tiring, I felt it was worthwhile. The results will, of course, be measured by the great master at some stage in the future (the wheels of business do turn slowly).

I had no sooner left home, arrived 24 hours later, met the appropriate people, walked around as though in the middle of a game of Monopoly (none of this new fangled stuff for me - give me Mayfair, Picadilly & Oxford Street) than I was due to return home.

My return flight left Heathrow just after midday, approximately an hour before the World Cup (of cricket) final was due to begin. As I was seated in business class (again at the generousity of the great master) I felt bold enough to ask if there was the possibility of a score update during the course of the flight. We immediately had the attention of every male in the top deck. (shame I can't boast that in my social life, but oh well!)

A short 13 hours later, a message from the flight deck advised us that Australia had scored 281 from 38 overs and that Sri Lanka were chasing in the 32nd over. Hmm, thought my jetlagged brain - that can't be right, there must have been rain. But wait, one more thought is coming ... it must be night time in Barbados, the flight deck must have had an old score - quick, where's a TV and can I turn on my mobile phone to call for a score?

There I was in an airport international transit lounge (in Hong Kong), watching CNN (from Atlanta), about a cricket match (in Barbados) between the finalists (Sri Lanka and Australia). Then the familiar beep beep of my mobile phone gave me the answer via a text message form my bm in Melbourne - yes, Australia had won an unprecedented and thoroughly impressive 3rd World Cup.

If I have to travel the world in such a hurry, the least it can do is keep up with me!

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delamare said...

Don't worry - we were completely confused about what was happening with the final too, and we were in one place rather tripping around the globe!

Have fun with this new fangled blogging caper. It's mighty fine fun!