Monday, May 14, 2007

Is THIS how the other half live?

How will I ever return to everyday life after living in the clouds ... literally?

I recently had my first experience of travelling 1st class with Australia's national (well at the moment) airline - Qantas. It was the longest haul in the books - Melbourne - London (via Hong Kong) (see below) and well worth every penny (especially as my corporate master paid).

The uncomfortably superior treatment began at customs when I was informed that our national airline would provide me (as a 1st class passenger) with accompanied support from check-in, through customs, to the first-class lounge ... who me? I'm perfectly capable of looking after myself, thanks anyway.

In this instance I was able to reach the first class lounge under my own steam while only indulging my 'elevated rank' once in purchasing new designer sunglasses (in my defence I will say that I did need a new pair).

During the 1st leg I observed the seasoned superior travellers go about their well rehearsed routines
'would you like pyjamas, ma'am?' Unsure of how I was expected to reply mine was 'no thanks'. The more experienced traveller immediately changed into the soft cotton khaki Qantas PJs (perhaps a homage to ANZAC Day?) and as soon as the 'fasten seatbelt' sign was extinguished, they begun to turn their comfortable chairs into a full length bed, complete with assistance from attendants armed with blanket, doona and any wanted extra pillows.
Me? I tried to adapt to UK time by watching 'the Holiday' followed by exercising the 'movies on demand' option to watch my 547th viewing of the 2005 adaptation of Pride & Prejudice.

Yes, I can relate to Goldilocks - while I enjoyed the benefits of first class travel, and I know that I dislike long-haul economy travel. I think that business class is ju-u-ust right.

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