Monday, March 10, 2008

Urgh, the heat!!!

It is now well into March, and while I subscribe to seasons by the sun rather than seasons by the calendar (ie Autumn starts at the equinox, not March 1), it is still unseasonably warm in Melbourne. Yesterday it topped 37, and it is predicted to be the same again today, with the same trend continued all week. (I hear Adelaide is hotter ... I feel for you!)

I suppose this is a good thing - it reminds the footballers that it still cricket season, so rack off until next month ... or something a bit less aggressive. But forgive me for snapping like that - I'm hot and bothered!!!

As we in Melbourne recognise Labour Day (you know, 8 hours of work, eight hours of play & eight hours of rest), I've just logged off my work computer after a few hours of preparing presentations. Yesterday was the analysis, today was the pretty-ness. Yeah, I know it's analogous on Labour Day, but remember that this is the same corporate master who flew me to London 1st class last year.

I have done little but work, sign forms (the less joyous part of buying a lovely new house), and sleep of late. Hence no blogging.

Today, despite the heat, I've made the commitment.

I have seen a movie and a new DVD of an Austen adaptation (sort of) recently. Back a few weeks when the weather was cooler (when it was definitely summer by any one's calendar) I saw The Jane Austen Book Club. Right up my alley and a definite 'thumbs up'. I also visited My friend Delamare's house and was privileged to view the inaugural screening of her new Sense & Sensibility. But rather than me relive it, just visit her very astute observations on her blog, here.

It is that busy time of the year for me at work. By Easter it should settle back to a steady pattern, with fewer peak workloads. Maybe then I can settle down to regular downtime!

Maybe the heat and heavy workload has also been contributing to Andrew Symonds' apparent anger management issues

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