Friday, June 20, 2008

all the key numbers

It is 18 days since I took possession of my new home (also known in this street as 'Mary's house')

15 days ago I moved in!

I have unpacked all boxes, except for 14 boxes of books

In 28 days I settle on my old unit (that's also the number of days I have to clean it)

1959 is the year that the neighbour who greeted me on my arrival moved into this street

My colleague lives 3 doors away, and we have only had the $10 Wednesday parma at the local pub once (so far)

Golf is a 12 minute drive away at 6.40am on a Saturday morning

It took me 16 minutes to walk to Punt Rd (and 2,569 steps), and I was in my cushioned seat at 'the G' 25 minutes after leaving my front door.

My internet connection took 14 days (and help from Katrina at Bigpond)

...and I still have to wait 8 more days for my Foxtel connection!

On my first Friday night here, it took me 8 minutes to 'jiggle' the lock at my back door - not a good sign

It took me 2 more days to work out the secret jiggle ... but I still want to change the locks

I picked 23 lemons from the 2 trees in my back yard last Saturday (and there are more to pick tomorrow)

I still have a lo-o-o-o-ng list of things to do, but I have plenty of time ... and now I have my internet to help with the relocation process. Welcome to number 21, it's great!

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