Monday, February 2, 2009

Still the Boss

I've just watched the half time show from the US Superbowl played earlier today. Now usually I'm a sports purist, and abhor the pre-game and half-time attempts to 'sell' the game, the culture or any other cause de jour. HOWEVER, if they are giving me 12 minutes (and not a second longer) of the Boss, I'm there, with my set top box recording! (If you want to know who won the game, visit or some such).

My love affair (more one of respect than a crush like the one I had on Bobby Sherman) began when I was 15 and my schoolmate George introduced me to 'Born to Run' as an introductory course on the Boss in the lead up to the much anticipated release of 'Born in the USA'.

Having experienced THE best album ever (ie Born to Run) I remember being slightly disappointed with the next 'Born' album, but was quickly smitten again when I discovered old jewels like 'Darkness on the Edge of Town' and 'Greetings from Asbury Park'.

Since that time, he (and the E street Band) has been my Beatles, Rolling Stones, Dylan and Hendrix, rolled into one talented, charismatic and endearing package.

In other 'Boss' news, I've nearly completed the annual performance review paperwork (the discussions are ongoing, but the paperwork is only annual) in anticipation of the busiest time of my work year.

Only 5 months and 4 days until my OS holiday ...

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