Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A house, a house, my kingdom for a house!

In what is becoming an epic, I continue to search for my perfect home. I can sense that friends are hesitant to ask how my house hunting is progressing, as the reply hasn't changed in 6 years (yes, you read that correctly ... that's 6 years, not months). "Hmm, there are a few places, but nothing that meets my requirements."

real estate.com has become my most visited website and I have entered saved searches for my desired features. I know what I want, in fact I know EXACTLY what I want, but for some reason a builder hasn't built it yet, or at least not in my desired location! I'm not sure that I'm up for major renovations, but if I really want my wish list, I think I may have to be prepared for some work.
Sadly, when they did build what I want, they also built the only access to the outdoor entertaining area through the main bedroom. I'm relieved to say that THAT doesn't fit my style of entertaining.

My current, very comfortable home will be sold in this process ... when I find a new home. It has a number of features to it's credit, which I must remember to mention to the selling agent ... when I find my new home: it is more than low maintenance. As suits my current lifestyle, it is almost NO maintenance. I has a lock up garage which easily fit my small car, and even when I upgraded to a new chariot, it fits well. It has a newly installed designer kitchen & bathroom (all 70's abodes need the lime green and mission brown replaced), and polished floorboards (replacing puce shagpile). It also has custom built-in wardrobes in both bedrooms - very flexible, very space efficient as is needed in a small 2 bedroom unit.

But most importantly, it has very quiet neighbours. Why do I want to move again?

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roogirl said...

You wish to move so you can be closer to the MCG!

Please do not forget the all important requirement of two extra bedrooms so that there is one always ready for your best friend rather than the current situation whereby one needs to give advance warning so the so called spare room can be cleared of junk!