Wednesday, June 13, 2007

oh, bunnies, I got it wrong

It happens to the best of us, but I seemed to have blanked out a significant incident of my childhood. When I say significant, it was in terms of our family, but obviously not to me. Apparently our father DID hit one of us girls growing up (refer to post on May 27), so my sincere apologies to my Big Sister (as opposed to my Bigger Sister or my Biggest Sister).

As my Big Sister recollects it, she did something wrong and Dad hit her at which point the entire family stopped gobsmacked and she said "Mum, Mum, Dad's gone crazy - he hit me!"

Whatever the cause, it seemed to have had positive results, as my Big Sister is by far the best behaved of us 4 girls.

I think I know why 'Dad went crazy' - I reckon she swore, and much more than saying 'bunnies'!

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