Monday, June 4, 2007

on the road again ...

My mobile phone and computer are telling me that it's 6.43pm, whereas my new watch and the clock radio on the bedside table say 8.43pm. Yes, I'm travelling again at the desire of the great corporate master.

The travel time was a short 4.5 hours, however with transfers, time zones etc it was a full day of travel. The flight across Aoroki (Mt Cook) was spectacular, with stunning views of fresh snowfall under a clear blue sky. (Just like this, but from above).

Having caught up (a bit) on work, I notice that the 'Queen's Birthday' movie on NZTV2 is 50 First Dates, which is a favourite of mine. Until I saw this movie I admit that Adam Sandler has annoyed me, and I saw it only because Drew Barrymore also stars. This very sweet, unrealistic, funny and pure fluff entertainment was so full of heart that I actually thought I saw a second demension to Mr Sandler. If you do watch the movie, stick it out for the credits and read the dedication to his father. Nicely done! However, I must say that anytime is time for a dose of Drew escapism - Aloha!

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