Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Home sweet home ...

... where the floor is messy and the toilet leaks (a new discovery)

Yes, I arrived home late last night after an 11 day sojourn in sunny Adelaide (it really was).

The list of enjoyable events was long and included:
  • the wedding of number 2 nephew
  • watching the surprisingly familiar antics of 23 year olds with great nephew no. 1 (familiar to me, not him)
  • discussions about world domination with nephew no. 3 (just remember to occasionally listen to things other than a singular driving ambition)
  • nervously observing M&D while the the words to Pink's 'Leave me Alone' pass over their heads
  • playing backyard cricket with nephew no. 5, watched by the fish, the birds, the dog, the guinea pig, the frog spawn AND Jonah the statue
  • wineries and back roads of McLaren Vale
  • more (or fewer) fish at Vale Park
  • crosswords, sudokus and target words
  • churchbells at 10am
  • spacious seating!

Watching test cricket in the heat can be tiring, and paradoxically for me it is also relaxing. Listening to ABC radio while watching the play, crowd and surroundings is eminently peaceful.

Now I'm back home, with a couple of lazy days to wash, shop, (get back into) exercise, house hunt, bank, doctor etc, and also apparently find a plumber. Work for February and March will (as usual) be frantic, but at least I have the memories from a tiring, relaxing and invigorating cricket holiday to sustain me.

So long Gilly - I can understand how a realisation can hit you between the ball hitting your gloves, and hitting the ground

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