Tuesday, January 8, 2008

ps I love you

Tonight was a lovely evening. One of those opportunities to get away from the pressure of work, the madness of the world (more of that later) and relax with a kindred spirit. I met my friend Delamare at a large 'edgy' book and music store, where I browsed contentedly and purchased a couple of items for my upcoming holiday.

We then shared a quick plate of nachos over a glass of rose, much to the amusement of neighbouring diners and friendly waiters. I don't think it was our menu choices or eating style that amused them, but very likely our incessant chatter: work, home, kids, school, family, mutual friends, tv, Christmas, cooking, Jane Austen, etc etc. Well, that half hour entertained us!

Next we were off to a small theatre to catch a favourably reviewed chick flick. This is our favourite sort of movie, and in the past we have shared the guilty enjoyment of Keanu Reeves in The Lake House, Drew Barrymore in anything, and turned the supposedly sensitive Becoming Jane (aka 'Becoming Lizzie Bennet') into a rollicking comedy.

Tonight it was a Margaret Pomeranz favourite - ps I love you, staring Hillary Swank, Gerard Butler and Harry Connick jnr. We developed a movie rating system with my former housemates, based on the tear jerker factor, and this one is a 'full box a' (tissues). I finished the movie with red rimmed eyes, and a broad smile. It will definitely be added to my dvd collection in due course.

To Grey's Anatomy fans, it also stars Denny Duquette and this time he's eye-catchingly healthy!!

oh, and to the ICC, the BCCI, Cricket Australia and especially the media - take a bex a good lie down! Even chill out in a dark room for a while. I did, and see how much fun I had?

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delamare said...

Wow - speedy post there! It was a lovely night out; I really enjoyed the film. And yes, we do manage to pack those topics into a half hour conversation!