Thursday, January 17, 2008

sorry, my fault ... make that 16 going on 14; or even 43 going on 41

Yes, both the Australian team's and my self-belief in discussing the possibility of breaking the record of consecutive test wins BEFORE it happened has lead to the current position ... we fell to 5/61, chasing India's respectable 330. Perhaps it was also the relaxed position of the Australians, not just my words that tested the gods of superstition.

The Australians do look discombobulated (thanks Kirst). Is it the extended time between test matches (10 days); or is it their reaction to the criticism of the aggressive Australian approach; or is it the confidence gained by the Indian performance in the previous test match?

We're now 165 behind, with only 4 wickets in hand. Brett Lee is batting well before he deserves to. Not because of his level of skill, but because his big heart was on display in the big Perth heat, as he took the lead in the Australian pace attack. He deserved at least a day off to rest his tired body.

Perhaps I should focus on my dress/jeans size, or my golf score?

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