Tuesday, November 18, 2008

what if they made a movie and everyone laughed?

Tonight was another of those fun, mid week, girlie catch ups. I was running late after work and Delamare was patient!

We dined/snacked on nachos, corn chips & cheddar dip (a precursor of the cheese to follow) while we caught up on all the gossip of a relatively short shared work history and a remarkably long list of shared interests.

Then it was off to the main event - Nights in Rodanthe.

Yes, we had both read the poor reviews but we had also read some positives and besides, Diane Lane is one of those few actors whose name on the movie trailer is enough to get me there.
Yet again she was luminous, and Richard Gere did what he does well.

It didn't deliver the predicted tears from either of us, and I felt just a tad insulted by the obvious plot lines. Just how many meanings can a herd of galloping wild horses have?

As the music swelled, the credits rolled and the theatre lights slowly lifted, it seemed as though he entire theatre (which was only 93% female) giggled and barely suppressed their mirth. Had it been a Richard Gere and Julia Roberts movie laughter would have been appreciated, but I'm not sure that laughter is what was intended here.

Nonetheless, it was a most enjoyable evening of great company and escapism and laughter is, indeed, the best medicine.

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delamare said...

Oh yes - what a night it was! I haven't included this on my personal list of best movies of 2008; Mumma Mia gets a go though!