Monday, December 31, 2007

On the sixth day of Christmas ...

my true love sent to me ...

six degrees (x 7),


foregone conclusion,

3 Ponting runs,

2 Brad Hogg wickets,

and a Matthew Hayden century

HOT, damn HOT! It reached 42C in Melbourne today ... and I don't like it. Even blogging at the Computer is too much like hard work.

I was fortunate enough to be in air conditioned luxury at work for most of the day, so I shouldn't complain.

OK, enough - time for a cocktail. Thanks to my eldest niece who reminded me on Christmas Day that a Cosmopolitan is a tasty drink on a hot day. I may even pop in a dvd of Sex & the City to have the full experience.


roogirl said...

Scouring the cricket results on the 31st I came up with a better 6.

A New Zealand victory in 6 overs!

Amazing scorecard against the woeful Bangladesh. Scored the required 90+ runs in 6 overs with McCullum (he of the very intriguing tattoo) scoring 80 off 28 balls.

Whilst the opposition is obviously inferior, that still would have been something to see albeit on a typical postage stamp ground.

Very impressed with my BM's other reports in respect of the cricket and my capabilities.

I do feel that Punter has finally grown into the type of Captain that I was. I only wish I had the cattle that he has. A good honest bunch of toilers we were.

Roll on the 2nd test which will take place during a further period of hot weather in Melbourne so an excuse to sit in front of the TV is not so hard to find.

Beth said...

ta BM,

your next task is to find out what Michael Clarke's new tattoo is. Apparently close to his previous tattoo.

One report is that it is in Arabic script and includes the words 'pain' & 'discipline'. If so, my bet is on that quote from JL's book The Power of Passion - 'The pain of discipline is nothing like the pain of disappointment'