Friday, December 28, 2007

On the third day of Christmas ...

my true love sent to me ...

three Ponting runs,

two Brad Hogg wickets,

and a Matthew Hayden century

Unfortunately, one of the world's best batsmen has scored a 4 and a 3 in this match. As we all noted, 'someone will pay'. Ponting has a become an insatiable batsman, always wanting more runs, a higher score, the psychological edge over a team. Will the Indians pay in the next test match, or will they continue to successfully target his hard hands and wandering feet early in his innings?

However, today in his improving captaincy, he kept up with Roogirl's predictions: declaring with under an hour to go (10 overs); giving Stuart Clark one or two overs before stumps (two) and tossing the ball to Brad Hogg just to see what may happen (despite 3 full tosses, the Indians didn't try to score).

A predicted 37C for tomorrow has me re-considering my record of unbroken attendance at each day of an MCG test match since 1994 ... now when I put it like that, how can I miss?

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